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“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” — It sounds nice, but it just isn’t true.
Readers do judge books by their covers, so it’s important that you have the right cover for your book. A good cover is not just polished and professional looking, it must also match your intended genre. Your book cover is a visual cue to readers that this book is the type of book they like and want to read.

Fortunately, great covers don’t have to cost a fortune. We offer a variety of affordable pre-made covers and do custom design starting at just $100. Browse our gallery or get in touch today for more information.

Premade Book Covers

Our pre-made book covers start at just $65 for eBook only. Need a paperback wrap for print production? We can add one to any cover for just $50, making this one of the most affordable cover sources available.

When you buy one of our pre-made cover designs, we’ll change the author name and title to the ones that you provide.
Limited changes to font or styling may also be negotiated, and additional customization can be done for a small fee. After a pre-made cover design is sold, we remove it from the gallery and it is never sold again. You can view our full gallery of available covers.

Marketing Materials

Your book cover is important, but most authors find that a great cover, snappy blurb, and outstanding story aren’t enough to get ahead in today’s crowded marketplace. Advertising, the bane of many an author, is equally important if you want your book to get noticed and do well. Whether that means paid ads or a guerrilla marketing campaign waged by way of social media platforms, you’ll need engaging ads to facilitate your marketing.

We offer a variety of marketing materials, from teaser images that feature a tagline or short excerpt from your book, to 3D mockup ads that show your book displayed on a phone, tablet, or in paperback format, Facebook header images to use on your profile or author page, and more. Want a neat author logo to help establish your personal branding? We can do that, too.


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