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Your book deserves to look its best—inside and out. Internal book formatting is often overlooked by new authors or those trying to get their work to market on a tight budget. It’s all text, after all, so what’s so special about the way it looks? So long as there are chapter numbers and paragraphs in the right places, isn’t that what really matters?

Not quite. Proper internal formatting is one of those finishing touches that can help set your book apart in a crowded marketplace—and the lack of proper book formatting can hurt your sales. Readers are spoiled for choice in today’s market, and they pass on poorly formatted books.

With the explosion of indie publishing in the last decade, there are thousands of books being published every day. Many (perhaps even most) of those books are rushed to market with little to no editing, poor cover design, and terrible internal formatting.

Don’t let your book suffer that fate.

Professional typesetting doesn’t have to break your bank. We offer affordable, high-quality internal book formatting for eBook and print.

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