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Are sales blurbs the bane of your existence? Do you dread when the time comes to write your blurb? Fear not, for I can help. Prior to becoming an author and service provider, I spent several years working as a freelance copywriter. I have a knack for writing blurbs and can help you improve what you have, or write one for you completely from scratch. Blurb writing service for 1 book, with up to 3 revisions, starts at $35.

Blurb Feedback

  • Proofreading of 1 Blurb
  • Feedback to Improve the Blurb
  • Fast Turnaround 3 – 5 Days

Great if you just need a little bit of feedback to get your blurb perfect and publish ready.

The Pro Blurb

  • Sales Blurb for 1 Book
  • Up to 3 Revisions
  • Fast Turnaround 3 – 7 Days

The best bang for your buck if you have an idea of what you want and need that blurb written.

The Ultimate Blurb

  • Sales Blurb for 1 Book
  • Up to 10 Revisions
  • Ultra Fast Turnaround 1 – 3 Days

Best choice for those who have no idea what they want but probably need a lot of revisions.



Lay Me Down by Faith Troyer

Julia Thomas, a 27 year old who works as a trauma nurse at a local hospital is stuck in the past, and in her ways. After experiencing a traumatic loss, Julia’s heart never fully healed. She enjoys fixing the broken hearts of her patients, but has a hard time letting someone do the same for her. One night, on a faithful whim, Julia meets Gideon Mackenzie, a bouncer at a local nightclub. They quickly fall for one another, and for the first time in five years, Julia is open to the idea of love and hoping in the process he will lay her down.


Lay Me Down by Faith Troyer

One night can’t change your whole life. Right?

Julia wasn’t looking for love when she answered her sister’s call late one night. At 27, she’d contented herself with keeping busy as a trauma nurse, her weekends few and far between. But she may have found love anyway, in the strong arms of club bouncer Gideon Mackenzie. The problem is, can she let her walls down after a personal tragedy left her heartbroken five years ago?

Gideon isn’t just another good looking guy interested in a hot fling or a one night stand. He’s real, and there’s a very real chance he can heal Julia’s wounded heart—if she’ll let him.

Join Gideon and Julia on their journey of love, get your copy of Lay Me Down now.


Always You by C.N. Mobberly

Lynsey has the rug pulled out from under her when she loses yet another job and herfather drops a super-bomb on the family. She retreats to her best friend’s apartment and enough liquor to erase her memory and she wakes up in his bed the next morning, both naked. This isn’t the first time her drinking has gotten her into trouble. When she finds out she’s pregnant, she panics.

Jacie has told her he has feelings for her multiple times, but she keeps pushing him away. After the night they shared, he knows she can’t deny their attraction anymore. Losing his parents at a young age and being raised by his grandmother has given him a strength few people possess. While it’s tempting and would be far less painful, to cut ties with Lynsey, Jacie stands by her after being hurt by her countless times.

Join them as they fall in love and build a life together as their story unfolds.


Always You by C.N. Mobberly

When Lynsey loses her job and learns that her father is filing for divorce, she takes refuge at her best friend’s apartment. When she wakes up naked in his bed after having had a touch too much to drink, absolute panic sets in. It’s not the first time overindulgence has gotten her in trouble, but when she finds out she’s pregnant, her previous experiences pale in comparison to the trouble she’s in now.

Jacie has been in love with Lynsey for years, but she always pushed him away. After the passionate night they shared, though, he’s not ready to give up. Cutting ties because of her erratic behavior would be easy, he’s been hurt by her enough times to warrant walking away, but love compels him to endure.

When he finds out Lynsey is pregnant with their child, Jacie’s determination to win her over solidifies. But with her own family falling apart around her, can Lynsey find it in herself to trust Jacie with her heart and build a future together?

Find out how their story unfolds, grab your copy of Always You now.


Pureblood by Ellysia Fields

Forever changed.
After being bitten by an unknown werewolf, Elizabeth is thrown into a world she thought never existed. Held against her will and surrounded by supernatural creatures, she does all she can to survive until she can escape and return to her normal life.

Nicholas is a werewolf who’s made a mistake, but an old heartache causes him to take in a new werewolf, despite his better judgement. He feels strangely drawn to her, but can he help her navigate her troubled past and gain her trust before the pack is torn apart and consumed by a mysterious threat?


Pureblood by Ellysia Fields

After suffering the bite of a werewolf, Elizabeth Winters is thrown into a world she didn’t know existed. Trapped, held against her will and surrounded by strange supernatural creatures, it’s everything she can do just to survive. Returning to her normal life doesn’t even seem possible, especially when she starts having visions of an ancient past—visions she should not be having.

It isn’t long before she draws the attention of another werewolf. Nicholas should know better than to get involved, but something about the newly turned girl calls to him. He wants to help her, to win her trust as she navigates her troubled past and uncertain future, but his pack needs help too.

There’s a dark force at work that, left unchecked, will tear the pack apart and consume them all. Helping Elizabeth may be the key to their salvation, but Nicholas is running out of time.

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