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So, who runs this Publishing Wright business? I’m glad you’ve asked! Victoria Wright (that’s me) manages this site and provides all of the services offered. The reason much of the site language uses the term ‘we’ is not because I outsource the work, but rather because I sometimes conscript my husband to assist me with my workload. Overall, 90% or more of the services provided are solely done by me. When I need a bit of help hunting pirates or preparing an image to be used in a cover design, I sometimes ask my husband to assist me. And, of course, my trusty hounds are always here to provide me with moral support (they love the extra bacon I buy thanks to the services I provide).

I also run my home site, Universal Romance, and you may have seen my services available there or corresponded with me via my universalromance.com email address. As the scope of my services has grown, it became apparent that I should establish a new site dedicated to the author services I provide, while maintaining Universal Romance as my personal website where I can showcase my own work and various film / book reviews that I write.

So that’s how Publishing Wright came about. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. I endeavor to respond to all messages (Monday—Friday) within 24-hours.

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